Doug Holmstrom
Doug Holmstrom

Job Description: Finding solutions for customer needs.

What I like about work: Seeing a job through to successful completion and matching a customer's need to our abilities.

Years fabricating sheet metal: 18 years, plus working part time while going school in my family's shop in Minnesota.

Years estimating sheet metal work: 14 years, for total of 32 years in the trade.

Special knowledge: I have held jobs in plastics, food, furniture and in passenger and freight elevator industries.

Hobbies: Gardening, woodworking, home remodeling, ice skating (ice hockey), travel and taking ballroom dance classes.

Toughest job: Power plant construction.

Favorite Teams: Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Red Wings

Interesting job:  Building a motor amature cover for storage and transport on a rail car. The amature was wider and taller than the rail car, itself.

Something surprising about you: I am willing to try anything at least once. The other day I had heard on the radio that dill pickels and peanut butter was pretty good. I tried it and it was!



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