John Stock
John Stock

Job Description: metal salesman, comic relief

What I like about work: I like working with a group of people who have a common interest in making our community a better place to live,work and raise a family and I feel that through our sales,service, and quality commitment;we can achieve this goal. I also like feeding our good customers a line or two for a good laugh.

Years working in the Metal Center: almost half of my life (18 years)

Years estimating in the Metal Center: 2 years guestimating and 1 year estimating

Hobbies: target shooting,hunting, chasing my 3 kids and hiding from my wife.

Toughest job: working with Ken (my boss)

Favorite Teams: anyone sponsored by "Budweiser"

Surprising thing about me: I like listening to some classical music once and awhile

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