Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis

What I like about work: Getting to be a part of the unique work that comes through our shop.

How many years have you been fabricating sheet metal? 10

Hobbies: My Graphics Company, Music, Podcasting, Collecting Sports Memorabilia

Toughest Job: Trying to be a perfectionist and knowing when to quit.

Favorite Teams: St. Louis Blues, St Louis Cardinals, Indiana Basketball, Philadelphia Eagles ( Fly Eagles Fly!)

Describe an interesting job you had: Designing and fabricating interchangeable heat exchanger piping and tanks that mounted on the sides of various types of excavating equipment. They had to cool the exhaust several hundred degrees to meet the strict California emission guidelines for underground tunnel work.

Something surprising about me: I am a early 90's Hip Hop aficionado and still spin my old records on a set Technic 1200's regularly.

Describe your job: A little bit of everything! On a daily basis I program parts for all our machines, fabricate parts on the shop floor, and oversee some of the larger projects.