Steve Collins
Steve Collins

What I like about work: The opportunity to solve problems through a designing-building method.

How many years have you been fabricating sheet metal? 13

What special knowledge do you have? I'll never tell.

Hobbies: Family, Church, and working on my house.

Toughest Job: Reverse engineering a nearly destroyed robot.Then machining a replacement for a customer. All done in very short production outage.

Favorite Teams: Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Michigan State (football, baseball, and basketball)

Describe an interesting job you had: A cusotmer was having problems with process equipment and I was hired to fit, weld, grind, and polish new pieces in place, onsite, inside the pieces of equipment. Along with cutting, fabricating, welding and polishing weldments and machining plastic parts offsite all to enhance customer's equipment.

Something surprising about me: I ride a bike to work and don't own a cell phone.

Describe your job: Typically work consists of working through customer's problems and helping to find solutions. Then I may design the part from those ideas and then cut, fab, and weld. Then if needed, grind and polish to suit customer's needs. I truly get the opportunity to run a job from inception to completion.