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Copper Sheet Flower Sculpture

Posted in: Art August 21, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

We enjoyed this sheet metal sculpture of a flower garden at Stellina in St. Louis. [They have great homemade pasta by the way, so give them a try next time you're in St. Louis.] It features hammered copper sheet, stainless steel round, brass round, and copper round for the "stems," and a variety of patinas on different metal sheets. Read more

Excellent Parts, Quick Turnaround

Posted in: Customer Reviews September 15, 2010 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Hi Ken, I just wanted to let you know that I received the parts that I ordered and they are excellent! I appreciate the quick turnaround as well. Thanks! Dan Read more

Metal Art at Louisville's 21c Museum

Posted in: Art May 31, 2011 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Louisville's 21c Museum, billed as "North America's only museum devoted solely to art of the 21st century." In addition to the interactive exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, and many other activities there, we snapped a few shots of pieces that intrigued us. Read more

Could Not Be More Pleased!

Posted in: Customer Reviews August 27, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard
Stainless Steel Threaded Rod

I just received my order from and could not be more pleased. The material and cuts were perfect; the packaging ensured it was undamaged. You handled my one-piece order quickly and professionally, shipping it the same day I ordered it. A short 48 hours from placing the order, the job was in my hands. Thank you very much! - Dale Warner, Forney, Texas Read more

You guys do exactly what you advertise

Posted in: Customer Reviews May 11, 2010 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

My order was small but you handled it professionally and promptly. You guys do exactly what you advertise. Thank you! Luther R. Read more

Custom Suit of Armor

Posted in: Art October 3, 2014 - by J. Andrew Hubbard
Knight after custom fabrication

While it may not seem extreme to you, when this client came to us, he was unable to bring his hands together, and consequently, unable to wield a sword.  As you can see from the after picture, he is now able to stand guard, sword in hand.  As part of the service, we sent him out with a bit of polish as well. Read more

COVID-19 Policy for our Team

Posted in: COVID-19 May 21, 2020 - by J. Andrew Hubbard
COVID-19 virus

Read more

Excellent Transaction

Posted in: Customer Reviews July 6, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Hello, A few days ago I ordered some custom cut brass sheet. Today it arrived. The product is better than I had anticipated. The cutting is perfect. The delivery was much faster than I had thought it would be. Excellent transaction. Thank you. -Jim, Chapel Hill, NC Read more

Custom Fabrication - Delivered Tomorrow!

Posted in: Custom Fabrication May 10, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Often our customers need their material not just cut to size, but custom fabrication as well. And with the speed of business today, sometimes it has to arrive TOMORROW. Below is an email we received this week from another thrilled customer. Give us a call at (812) 429-1634 if we can provide this expedited service for you! Read more

On schedule, and exactly what we needed!

Posted in: Customer Reviews April 18, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Good Afternoon Todd, I really appreciate the follow-up! We received the brass plates on schedule and it's exactly what we needed. Thanks for all your help, we will keep in touch for future project needs! - Felicia O., Houston TX Read more

Machinability of Aluminum Round

Posted in: Guides November 23, 2009 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

This guide contains some tips on the machinability of aluminum round. Read more

Guide to Stainless Steel Finishes

Posted in: Guides October 7, 2009 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

This is our guide to stainless steel sheet finishes. Check it out to find the right finish for your application. Read more

Copper from Cut2SizeMetals Gets Artist Back to the Studio

Posted in: Customer Reviews December 28, 2011 - by J. Andrew Hubbard
Copper Sheet

After searching the web for possible sources, I found your site rather quickly. It was easy to navigate and order what I needed. I'm sure my order wasn't very large by industry standards, and yet it arrived quickly, and incredibly well packaged! Because of your speedy service, I have been able to get back into my studio, all the faster! Thanks again. All the best, Karen W. Read more

Guide to Copper Sheet, Bar, and Round

Posted in: Guides August 8, 2014 - by J. Andrew Hubbard
Copper Bar

Here is a guide to the copper sheet, copper bar and copper round items we carry. Read more

We Drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, and an Audi R8 in Vegas!

Posted in: Cars November 2, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard
Ferrari Tachometer

A couple of weeks ago we were in Las Vegas for a conference. Since we're not really gamblers at heart, we found something much more fun. We headed out to the desert with the folks from World Class Driving to drive 4 supercars: the Ferrari 458 Red Italia, Audi R8, Jaguar XKR-S, and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante, shown here. Read more

Guide to Aluminum Sheet Alloys and Tempers

Posted in: Guides December 4, 2009 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

As an aluminum supplier, we can offer you nearly any alloy of aluminum sheet you need. We find that the vast majority of customers, though, use 6061-T6 or 3003-H14. These designations may look cryptic, but they're really pretty simple. The first part, the four digit number, is the alloy. The part after the dash is the temper. Let's break these down and look at them separately. Read more

Amazing Welding Pic - Hand Welding the Nearly Impossible

Posted in: Welding August 24, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Do we obsess about the quality of details when we fabricate projects? Absolutely. And in an environment with so many talented craftsmen, is there a tendency to occasionally show off to establish your place in the pecking order? Guilty. As evidence, we present the following picture. For the uninitiated, it takes a bit of explanation. Read more

Guide to Stainless Steel Sheet

Posted in: Guides October 7, 2009 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

At we carry a variety of stainless steel sheets and finishes. Here is a quick guide to help you find the right sheet for your job. Read more

Thank you for excellent service

Posted in: Customer Reviews December 17, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard
Closeup of an order

I want to return a "Thank you" for your excellent service and product. It even arrived early so I could begin working on my project! Thanks again. Neil H. Sandy, Utah Read more