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Amazing Welding Pic - Hand Welding the Nearly Impossible

Posted in: Welding August 24, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Do we obsess about the quality of details when we fabricate projects?  Absolutely.  And in an environment with so many talented craftsmen, is there a tendency to occasionally show off to establish your place in the pecking order? Guilty.  As evidence, we present the following picture.  For the uninitiated, it takes a bit of explanation.
What you see here is a piece of .045" T316 stainless steel filler rod.  (If you have a ruler in inches, it's smaller than the smallest mark, which is 1/16" or .063"). Without melting this tiny stick of stainless, Doug has TIG welded a bead along it using .023" T316 stainless steel filler metal and a 3/32 tungsten.  The dime shows you just how incredibly fine this welding is. It hasn't been cleaned, brushed, or finished in any way. When I asked Doug about this, his response was: "That was my first try; I think I can do better."

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