Copper Sheet Flower Sculpture

Posted in: Art August 21, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

We enjoyed this sheet metal sculpture of a flower garden at Stellina in St. Louis. [They have great homemade pasta by the way, so give them a try next time you're in St. Louis.] It features hammered copper sheet, stainless steel round, brass round, and copper round for the "stems," and a variety of patinas on different metal sheets. Read more

Metal Art at Louisville's 21c Museum

Posted in: Art May 31, 2011 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Louisville's 21c Museum, billed as "North America's only museum devoted solely to art of the 21st century." In addition to the interactive exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, and many other activities there, we snapped a few shots of pieces that intrigued us. Read more

Custom Suit of Armor

Posted in: Art October 3, 2014 - by J. Andrew Hubbard
Knight after custom fabrication

While it may not seem extreme to you, when this client came to us, he was unable to bring his hands together, and consequently, unable to wield a sword.  As you can see from the after picture, he is now able to stand guard, sword in hand.  As part of the service, we sent him out with a bit of polish as well. Read more