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Metal Art at Louisville's 21c Museum

Posted in: Art May 31, 2011 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we had the opportunity to visit Louisville's 21c Museum, billed as "North America's only museum devoted solely to art of the 21st century." In addition to the interactive exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, and many other activities there, we snapped a few shots of pieces that intrigued us.

The first picture is an aluminum sculpture by Alex Arrechea called Elastic Empire State, which was commissioned by the museum in 2011 and is one of a series of rolled building sculptures. They are intended as a satirical depiction of the "fluctuations in economics through the metaphor of modified architecture." (I'm still waiting for that sharp economic upturn indicated by the spire of the building).

Next, artist Yoan Capote uses paint, fish hooks, and nails to create American Appeal (Bridge). Everything in the picture that is black is a hook, resulting in what must be thousands of metal fish hooks on the canvas.

The final picture is a three-dimensional "tornado" of metal objects, suspended in space a two-story atrium. [Update: Thanks to a friend of the Cut2Size Angle, we now know this piece is Anne Peabody's Wheel of Fortune. Peabody's arresting sculpture is made from carved wooden items like broken eggs and flashlights, and combined with found bits of glass to form a massive funnel cloud reminiscent of the one that leveled much of Louisville over 30 years ago.]

There were a number of other exhibits that were really hands-on and appropriate for kids, and a boutique hotel and celebrated restaurant called Proof attached if you want to make a day of it.