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Amazing Welding Pic - Hand Welding the Nearly Impossible

Posted in: Welding August 24, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Do we obsess about the quality of details when we fabricate projects? Absolutely. And in an environment with so many talented craftsmen, is there a tendency to occasionally show off to establish your place in the pecking order? Guilty. As evidence, we present the following picture. For the uninitiated, it takes a bit of explanation. Read more

Custom Fabrication - Delivered Tomorrow!

Posted in: Custom Fabrication May 10, 2012 - by J. Andrew Hubbard

Often our customers need their material not just cut to size, but custom fabrication as well. And with the speed of business today, sometimes it has to arrive TOMORROW. Below is an email we received this week from another thrilled customer. Give us a call at (812) 429-1634 if we can provide this expedited service for you! Read more