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How to Select a Copper Alloy

As a copper supplier, we can offer you nearly any alloy of copper you need. We find that the vast majority of customers, though, use alloy 110. Our copper sheet and extrusions (square bar, rectangular bar, and round) are alloy 110, also known as ETP copper. You can find more infomation by clicking on the little "Need Help Choosing?" buttons. If you need some other exotic copper alloy, give us a call at 812.429.1634; we can usually get it for you.

The Cut 2 Size Angle

Copper Bar

Guide to Copper Sheet, Bar, and Round

Here is a guide to the copper sheet, copper bar and copper round items we carry.

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Copper Sheet

Copper from Cut2SizeMetals Gets Artist Back to the Studio

After searching the web for possible sources, I found your site rather quickly. It was easy to navigate and order what I needed. I'm sure my order wasn't very large by industry standards, and yet it arrived quickly, and incredibly well packaged! Because of your speedy service, I have been able to get back into my studio, all the faster! Thanks again. All the best, Karen W.

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