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Waterjet Cutting

Our waterjet cutting system uses water at 50,000 psi and an abrasive garnet to cut virtually any material, including titanium! The intensifier pumps provide a 150 horsepower, allowing even better performance on thicker materials. Some of the advantages of waterjet include:

Superior shape cutting ability
Doesn't alter surface chemistry
Cuts materials other methods can't, such as foam rubber, ceramic tile, marble, and glass
Beats lasers and plasma for difficult materials such as copper and brass
Handles a wide variety of materials with ease
Cutting to net or near net dimensions without burrs, slag, heat distortion or delimitation
± 0.005" positioning accuracy
Parts need little or no finishing after cutting
Eliminates predrilling entry holes
Virtually eliminates additional machining to remove burrs and slag
Less labor intensive than other methods
Cost effective when compared to traditional methods
Can cut extremely thick materials (We have cut 8" thick copper!) 


Whether you've got 5 or 5000 parts, we can help. 

Need forming, welding, or finishing? We can do that, too.


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