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Art & Specialty Fabrication

Cloud Gate in the closed position
Cloud Gate in the closed position
Cloud Gate rotating to the open position
Cloud Gate in the open position
Ceramic Tile Wolf's Head, Cut on Waterjet
We cut this 6' x 6' ceramic tile wolf's head on our waterjet. The entire design is cut out of both colors of tile, so the tile company could piece it together.
Artist John McNaughton's Flowing River, fabricated by ESMW.
Created for the nation's Bicentennial
Another view of Flowing River
Flowing River in Museum's sculpture garden
John McNaughton's Flowing River
Detail of John McNaughton's Flowing River
Amy Musia's granite and stainless commission, The Bend in the River, fabricated by ESMW
Another view of Amy Musia's creation, fabricated by ESMW.