Guide to Cast Tool and Jig Plate

At, we have several options for aluminum plate. We offer the 3003-F aluminum plate, which is softest version, and a 6061-T651 rolled aluminum tooling plate that is stronger and stiffer.  Need an aluminum plate that is precisely machined?  Then you're probably looking for our aluminum cast tool & jig plate.

What is aluminum cast tool & jig plate? It is a high-quality, accurately machined aluminum plate that has received a thermal stress relieving treatment to provide dimensional stability during machining.  Typically, it can be heated repeatedly to temperatures as high as 800°F (427°C) and, when cooled, will return to its original dimension with a minimum of distortion, depending upon the extent of machining.

While the hardness will vary considerably with the thickness due to the thermal treatment, the plate will still retain good machining characteristics. Cast tool and jig plate is of the 7000 series-type alloy,  and at, we stock 1/2″ thick material.  If you need thicknesses ranging from a .250 in. to 4 in., give us a call at 812.429.1634.  The exact alloy composition is proprietary; however, it has been in use successfully for decades. This product offers good resistance to general corrosion. Since most applications of this precision product are sheltered from atmospheric and industrial environments, no special protective measures are usually required.


Surface Finish:  (2 Sides) <25 Microinches

Flatness Tolerance

Flatness Plate Thickness, inches Max Deviation from flat, inches
  1/4 - 5/8 .015
  Over 5/8 .005


Thickness Tolerance

Thickness Specified Plate Thickness, inches Max Deviation from flat, inches
  .250 - 4.000 ± .015



- Andy Hubbard