Equipment & Processes

We have a unique collection of contour cutting equipment, including a vertical router, lasers, plasma, waterjet, and CNC punches.  This gives us a number of ways to cut your part, allowing us to focus on price, accuracy, finished edge, or combination of these, depending on your needs.  Click the links below to learn about our equipment, and watch it cut!
Click Here to Watch the High Speed Laser in Action

High Speed Laser Cutting

 Power With up to 4400 watts of power, our high-speed laser cutting… more

Waterjet Cutting

Our waterjet cutting system uses water at 50,000 psi and an abrasive garnet to… more
Vertical Router

Vertical Router

Cutting feedrates up to 3,150 inches per minute• fastest way to process… more
Plasma Cutting

High Definition Plasma Cutting

 Plasma Cutting System The plasma cutting system is really three cutting… more
Detail of a CNC turret punch

CNC Punches

ESMW has two Murata Wiedemann punches available with the following… more
Programming Center

Programming & Inspection

 CAD/CAM ServicesFabriCAM software designed for cutting and forming sheet… more